ProMesh User Manual  v4.3.19
Function- and Class-Groups
Below you'll find a list of all tools available in ProMesh scripts.
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 ProMesh ToolsAll classes and tools defined by ProMesh
 Coordinate TransformTools to transform the mesh or individual vertices
 MoveTools to move the current selection or the current mesh
 PivotTools to set the pivot of the current mesh
 RotateTools to rotate the current selection
 ScaleTools to scale the current selection
 SmoothingTools that relocate the vertices in order to improve the smoothness of a surface
 Subdivision ProjectionProjection of vertices to their limit position according to certain subdivision schemes
 File IOFunctions to read and write meshes from/to files
 Grid GenerationTools to create new grids from scratch
 Basic ElementsCreation of basic grid elements from the current selection
 GeometriesCreation of basic geometries like cubes and spheres
 2DCreation of 2D geometries
 3DCreation of 3D geometries
 Create TKD
 InfoTools that provide various information on a mesh
 Measure length, area, volumeTools to measure some geometric properties of a mesh
 RemeshingTools to alter the topology of the underlying grid
 Boolean OperationsAlgorithms to perform boolean operations on closed manifolds
 EdgesVarious operations on selected edges (split, swap, collapse)
 ExtrusionGeneration of new elements through extrusion of selected lower dimensional elements into a new dimension
 HexahedraOperations for hexahedral meshes
 Merge VerticesTools to merge selected elements into a single vertex
 OrientationTools to adjust or invert the orientation of selected elements
 PolylinesSimplification of polygonal lines
 QuadrilateralsVarious operations for quadrilateral meshes
 Raster LayersTools to generate meshes for stacks of raster data
 RefinementGeneration of new elements through refinement of selected existing elements
 Remove DoublesRemoval of duplicate geometry
 Resolve IntersectionsTools to resolve geometric intersections of different elements with the goal to construct consistent meshes
 AdvancedTools to resolve special geomegric intersections separately from each other
 TetrahedraTetrahedral mesh generation and remeshing of tetrahedral meshes
 TrianglesVarious operations for triangle meshes
 TriangulationSeveral algorithms to generate and to remesh triangular grids
 SelectionTools to perform and to manipulate the current selection
 Coordinate RangeSelection by coordinate ranges
 EdgesSelection tools for edges
 Coordinate BasedCoordinate based edge selection
 FacesSelection tools for faces
 Coordinate BasedCoordinate based face selection
 MarksTools to set and remove marks on a mesh
 Subset BasedSelection by subsets
 VerticesSelection tools for vertices
 Coordinate BasedCoordinate based vertex selection
 KinksSelection by kinks
 VolumesSelection tools for volumes
 Coordinate BasedCoordinate based volume selection
 SeparateTools to generate new subsets by separating elements in given subsets by topological or geometrical properties
 SubsetsTools to group elements in subsets and to manage those subsets
 UtilUtility classes and functions for scripting
 native typesNative types defined by the underlying programming language
 ug-baseClasses and functions from ug4 which are provided in ProMesh scripts